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My time in a German language school!

My time in Munich was such a great experience! The language, the culture, the food! I couldn’t get enough of it. Of course, I was extremely nervous on the plane heading over to German as this was also the first time I had flown on my own, but I was super excited to go to the country that I love!

Arriving in the country and speaking German for the first time, in a long time, to (a real GERMAN) aka the boarder control really confirmed that I was finally in Germany! After I got my luggage, I then proceeded to find the family that I was staying with and off we went. Luckily for me the host family that I stayed with agreed to speak English with me for the first day and then the rest of my time with them we spoke only German. And let me tell you, this did wonders for my German. I got to learn everyday conversational words as well as just practising my German overall.

Then the time that I was waiting for came around, the language school

Monday morning, I woke up, got ready, and headed to the bus stop to then get on the U-Bahn (which was my favourite part of the journey) to then find my way to the school I will be attending for the next two weeks. I arrived there super early after finding my way using Google Maps (Yes, Google will soon become your best friend) and sat down in a room full of new attendees to take our placement test (this will determine what class you should be placed in and at what level). I was given my class room and off I went eager to start learning! I had to buy the course book from reception after Monday’s class was over to do the homework for the following day. *NOTE: Please take into account this will be an extra cost when you first get there*. My course at the language school was a standard course of 20 hours per week which gave me lots of time to explore the city and speak German! I visited the Englischer Garten, München Zoo, Olympia Park, I went on a tour of the city on an open top bus, I did A LOT of shopping (who doesn’t love shopping), I went to the museum with some of the friends I made in my class. Friday night of the first week that I was in Munich I went out into the city at night time with 4 friends I made during the first week, one of them was Italian, the other was French and the last one was Irish (but we still spoke German so the other two didn’t feel left out). Just like that my two weeks in Munich came to an end. It was over was too quickly as I had adjusted to life in Germany. Having a routine every day. Travelling using the U-Bahn. Looking after myself in General.

Now for the struggles I faced. My time in Munich did not run smoothly all of the time. Number One. I was afraid to speak German and be wrong, and yes over my two weeks I got more comfortable in getting things wrong but I am a perfectionist and I feel really bad when I conjugate a verb wrong etc. Number Two. I though most German public transport was punctual. Maybe It is just a stereotype… as I had many U-Bahn cancellations, bus delays, one of my days that I was there DB, actually went on strike so none of the public transport was working so I had to find an alternative way to get to my school in the centre of Munich. Number Three. It rained A LOT. Yes, I know that I am from the UK and I am used to the rain, however I am certainly not used to storms. One of the days one of the girls from my class and I decided to take the train to the next city which is (Augsburg), I highly recommend you visit, we decided to go on a Sunday which was mistake number one, mistake number two was the sky opened and we got soaked. It rained for hours and hours, we were both dressed for summer and had clearly not anticipated the rain. Therefore, we cut our journey short. Number Four. I ran out of money quite quickly as I didn’t do my research of how expensive Munich can be, especially if you are staying there for a longer period of time, oops.

Overall, the positives outweighed the negatives! I cannot recommend language schools enough. If you are looking for language schools in Germany there are a lot that will accommodate everyone! I personally went to a school called did-Deutsch they are a company all over Germany. I hope you enjoyed reading about my time in Germany!

Ps. I'm still getting used to writing at the moment and I am literally just writing how I would say things so please bare with me while I find my feet!

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